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APPLY NOW: African Union Ongoing Massive Recruitment for Graduates and Non-Graduates

African Union AU was established by the AU Revised Treaty of 1993 as one of the Institutions of the Community. The Parliament is the Assembly of the peoples of the Community.

The Administrative Secretariat of the Parliament is headed by a Secretary-General, and consists of two Directorates: the Directorate of Administration and Finance, and the Directorate of Parliamentary Affairs and Research. A number of job vacancies exist at the AU Parliament for which applications are hereby invited.

The AU Parliament, also known as the Community Parliament, has opened numerous job positions for Africans to apply.

Job Title: 2017 Graduate/Non- Graduate Recruitment

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Africa

Number of Awards: Numerous

Value of Program: Salary is based on grades


  • Only citizens of AU Member States are eligible for appointment in AU Institutions and Agencies.
  • General Service positions are open to only candidates resident in the host country of the Institution.
  • In the case of permanent positions, only candidates whose age is less than fifty (50) years at the time of appointment are eligible for consideration.

How to Apply

1.) Fill out the form as specified here on the links provided. Please indicate in the Country of your application mail, the title(s) of the positions you are applying for.

All application/submission is FREE and online.

Interested candidates should click on the below

application link

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  1. Isaac Nyongani Chione

    I am a Mozambican man aged 37 years living in Maputo. I did my high school and university in Malawi. I have a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Global university in USA and a Diploma in Education from Aggrey College in Malawi. Currently I am working as a high school teacher here in Maputo.I did much of sociology,philosophy, communication, psychology,human relations, cross -cultural communication amongst 50 courses on my degree.I can as a teacher,social worker etc.


      Hi doctor am Boaventura Tsenane, mozambican, undergraduate in Chemical industry. I am not working and i wana make link with a influence peolple in adittion am a scholar seeker

      • I am an Ethiopian man aged 28 years living in Ethiopia currently. I graduated from Addis Ababa University in BA, JOURNALISM and COMMUNICATION Department of Broadcast. Currently I am working on private school in Addis Ababa and giving freelance on one of private media. I can handle jobs that may given to me without any difficulties. I can work in any critical situation.

  2. Dedicating wholeheartedly my skills in the administration, management, development and growth of any establishment I work with as an enrichment of the establishment and assisting the establishment in achieving its goals by obtaining and maintaining effective employee work-forces. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and an MBA in Human Resource Management. I have a three years experience as a secondary school teacher where I taught philosophy and Religious Studies. Equally, I have a four year experience as an Administrator (Director of Online & Distance Education, Deputy Registrar of Transcripts and Records as well as Deputy Registrar for Admissions and Enrollment, Deputy Director of Vocational Training Centre, etc) and Lecturer.

  3. Thank you for remembering Africa

  4. Tallah wurako Francis

    Goodmorning sir my name is Tallah Francis a cameroonin nationality Iam Mach
    Macanic. Driver and i will like to offer my skill to your organization

  5. Musonda mutumba Mbeti

    Am applying for a job in lT

  6. I am 23 years old Ugandan persuring a bachelor’s degree in development studies and computer literacy. Currently looking for a job in any field since am a development social worker so we work with communities so we can work in all levels.

  7. Am perminus from Kenya having done accounts am looking for the job in accounting department

  8. Nsowome Ebenezer Banding

    Am Nsowome Ebenezer Bandin a Cameroonian. And a highschool leaver with good grades since 2009 and do have professional skills in management and marketing. Would be of great importance if am retained as one of yours .cuz I think I got much to give to Africa our continent to see it grow

  9. dinayen claris jumven

    My name is dinayen Claris jumven a graduate from university of buea w curriculum studies and teaching history.have taught for four years and also a computer literate will be grateful if am offered a job in any of the fields.

  10. Am Abel Leek, a graduate from university of Kenya, with bachelor of science in information and telecommunications, therefore am interest in IT jobs , and software developers.

  11. I am adiploma holder in information science and wish to apply for a vacancy of clerical officer

  12. Ms Christine Kumah Gogobli

    I am a Ghanaian lady with Masters in Conflict, peace and security from Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping training centre, Accra and searching for employment. I hope my knowledge can help to add improvement to Africa nations. I wish to apply for any management, security, rule of law, human rights or security oriented jobs in this outfit.

  13. Chibwe Mulenga Kachusha

    Am a Human Resource Specialist working in a Bank currently a day would like to work for the AU. Am Zambian.

  14. My name is Tadesse Abay from Ethiopia I’m certified and experienced in hotel reception and going to finished diploma of accounting
    So, I would like to apply for job related to those my curriculum. Thank you!

  15. Baimba Osman Sheriff

    Thank you for the continued improvement of the continent. I’m personally impressed with the work the institution is doing.

  16. my name is bedassa lamessa., I was graduated from Jimma university in law master program. know
    I am an employee of Ethiopia human rights commission. My specialization is commercial and investment law. i have interest to work on commerce, investment and human rights.please say something .

  17. Thank you, but how is the recruitment going on

  18. RASETARISON Nigaia

    I’m a civil enginnering from Madagascar. I will like to offer my skill to your organization.

  19. My names are Boris Mwanza from Zambia. I hold a bachelor degree in Pharmacy and a masters degree in clinical Pharmacy. I have been practising as a pharmacist for seven years now. I would like to offer my services in your organisation.

  20. wish the new vacancies could be sent to my email, finding it difficult to locate. The graduate and non-graduate vacancies i am talking about. And i ve BA Religious Studies and MA Archival Studies, my experience is mainly in HR Support, General Administration and Records/Document Management and control.From Ghana

  21. Addo Cecil Risch

    I am a Ghanaian and holds Master of Arts in Peace and Development Studies from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I am currently the District Commander of the GNFS, Akosombo. I am 50 years old.

  22. Clement Evans Aryee

    I am ghanaian male postgraduate in clinical microbiologist from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I obtained my graduate degree in Applied Biology from the University for Development Studies. I am currently working with the Ghana Health Service as a biomecal scientist.I am bilingual with ability to express myself in English and French language.

  23. I am from Ethiopia having 4 years of work experiance in bankng industry and have BA of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGMENT.


  25. chouaga yvie Rostelle

    iam Yvie Rostelle Chouaga .iam cameroonian .i have master degree in Banking and Finance at BGFI Business School of management situated in Gabon.i would like to apply as Finance Manager
    thank you

  26. Amabo Bih Afanwi Tracy

    I am Cameroonian and a graduate with a Bachelor degree in laws and also Masters in International Disputes from the University of Buea and International Relations Institute of Cameroon respectively. I am interested to work with the African Union precisely as a Legal Consultant within any of its institutions and communities in promoting the rule of law and respect for Human Rights for the sustainable development of Africa.

  27. My name is Mengistu Abera from Ethiopia and I’m 32. I have BA in Sociology and Msc in Urban Housing Development and Management. I have 7 years work experiences.

  28. Hi am also apply for scholarship i want to pause a LLB Decree in Law, if i am lucky to be part of the Scholarship Thanks for your prompt consideration.

  29. I am a South Sudanese, a graduate from Makerere university. I hold a bachelor degree in leadership and governance. I can go for positions in the following departments
    public relations, parliamentary affairs, human rights, protection.

  30. My name is Hirut ,I am a librarian from Addis Abeba University I Want to work in African Union if given a chance

  31. I am Ruhama Girma, 23 a graduate from Arba Minchi university Ethiopia. I hold a bachelor degree in Economics

  32. iam somali my name is mohamud a garaduate from east africa universty ihold bachelor degree in information technology and cumputer sceince I am interested to work with the African Union for ict and media prouction
    iam intrested to work volenteer

  33. Armindo Felix Cassamuge

    Armindo Felix from Mozambique, graduated in Human resource manager at National Institute of employment and Professional training. I am looking for job.


    I m’ burundian .i have a bachelor degree in pharmacy obtained at NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA, i need job in health field such as supply chain management

  35. I am a Malawian national. I hold a master of science in Research methods from Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture, MSc in Environmental science,. BSc from mzuzu university. I am also interested in the job

  36. I am from Ethiopia. I graduated a master of Business Administrator from Wollo university, BSc in Computer science,. BA in Accounting from Unity university. I am also interested in the job

  37. Am a Zambian Citizen with National higher Diploma In accounts. My names are Lesley Mwewa Chalwe and am currently working with a Retail Business company as an Accountant

  38. BSc Environmental Sciences with special interest in Solid Waste Management and Climate Change Mitigation

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